Questions And Answers

Why should I choose this course over others ?

There is genuinely no faster and easier way to obtain the knowledge this course provides.


What is the entry level required for this course ?

This course is suitable for all people at all levels in their education.

No prerequisites needed

Age 13+


I have already taken positive thinking and mindfulness courses, is this course still for me ?

Research suggests that the other ways to gain some of the knowledge this course provides are :

a) An expensive retreat – leader and group setting

b) A minimum six week program – leader and group setting

c) You are invited into a society that provides this knowledge – leader and group setting

d) Self research – time consuming and confusing


If I need help with this course what do I do ?

This course is designed and presented to be understood by all.

If however you do need help or advice, you can contact your tutor via the email address provided with the course.


What qualification will I receive ?

You will receive an unaccredited certificate for self empowerment and enlightenment, awarded by S.E.E. COURSE LTD