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If We Kill All The Evil People…

An Enlightenment Poem

If we kill all the evil people…

If we kill all the evil people in the world, we’ll be left with a bunch of good murderers.
So :
I won’t judge and I accept the people who set up the systems, religions and governments.
Even though the word governments means control of the minds.
I won’t judge and I accept hackers, activists and conspiracy theorists.
Even those with no plan for alternative times.
The worlds military and terrorists, I won’t judge and I accept you too.
Pedophiles, rapists and murderers all doing what your programmed to do.
You see the reason I won’t judge, and I accept you as you.
Is because with your experienced life and past lives, I would be you too.
Good and evil only separated by perception.
Similar to how time is a physical conception.
Now the dark times we’re in are slowly coming to an end.
Stay asleep and not realise before they’ve rotated back around again.
The light times we seek are nine thousand physical years away.
Choose to follow the love-light and awaken there, in what seems like a day.

I won’t judge = I will judge people and situations to be both positive and negative

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